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AnimeRei [userpic]

I started mailing my stuff to Alaska.  It's...expensive.  *sigh*

18.6 lb. box: $43 for parcel post with insurance
35.5 lb. box: $54 for parcel post with insurance

Number of boxes left to mail: too damn many

AnimeRei [userpic]

So much to do, so little time.  Seriously.  I feel like my life is stretched so thin right now, with everything that needs to be accomplished in the next 4 weeks.  3 university classes, a wedding, packing almost everything I own, selling off what isn't coming with me (or being put in storage), and trying to arrange all the paperwork for my new job is a freaking nightmare.

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AnimeRei [userpic]

Well, I'm finally back from Alaska.  I haven't slept in two days, I'm gonna go crash and hope I wake up in time for the appointment I have scheduled for tomorrow...*sigh*

AnimeRei [userpic]

So, I'm leaving for Alaska tomorrow!  But only to attend this cultural exchange program, so I'll be back on the 20th with many stories and hopefully lots of photos.  :)   I won't have internet, so don't expect any contact from me until at least the 21st.

AnimeRei [userpic]

Bond Falls & Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State ParkCollapse )

Current Location: Iron River, MI
AnimeRei [userpic]

Anyone else gearing up (literally) to watch the transit of Venus on Tuesday?  Your next chance is in the year 2117.


AnimeRei [userpic]

It is way too hot and humid.  I need to move somewhere more temperate, where it isn't 83 degrees in mid-March.  I should not be sweating while typing on my computer at 10:30pm.
Of course, if my electric bills weren't so high, I'd be running my A/C all night...

I think this is the first time I've used the "hot" mood icon.  Which, for me, looks like a smiley face on fire.  ^_~

People on my f-list: this is one of my few unlocked posts.  If you cannot see my previous one (about my job interview), please reply here!  LJ has been messing with my journal settings and entries.  A few hours ago, it randomly deleted some people from my friend's list and a number of my old posts on egl_comm_sales and garagesalejapan are gone, too. :(

[edit] I especially need confirmation from theosakakoneko, pocketseizure, luna_hoshino, and ancalemon (those are the folks who appeared to have been deleted from my f-list by LJ.  But obviously if I've missed anyone, let me know ASAP!)

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AnimeRei [userpic]

How sad is it that I make more money selling items online than I do by going to my job?

AnimeRei [userpic]

Happy Valentine's Day!

AnimeRei [userpic]

Because it is the Holiday of Over-Eating, I felt the need to share one of my favorite recipes with you.  This comes from kurage_no_hone's mother.  Who got it from some Mormon lady.  It is made of deliciousness.

Several billion calories, ahoy!Collapse )

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